Meet the Farmers

Know Your Farmer…Know Your Food!

Bautista Farms

Apalonia and Manuel have farmed in Huasna Valley for 25 years. Their crops include cut flowers, vegetables, berries and strawberry and raspberry jam. They live on the farm with their family.

Cirone Farms

Mike dry farms in See Canyon and has been farming for 25 years. He’s a graduate of Cal Poly, and grows 70 varieties of apples along with peaches, pears and sapote.

De La Cruz Farm

Andy and Linda De La Cruz have farms in both Cayucos and Morro Bay. They grow a wide variety of vegetables and have been farming in this area for 40 years.

Dragon Spring Farm

Mike and Carol Broadhurst farm off Santa Rosa Creek Road in Cambria. They grow a wide variety of crops including blueberries, citrus and heirloom tomatoes.

Perez Farms

Amelia Perez and her family have been farming in the Santa Maria Valley for seventeen years. The quality of their fruits and vegetables has made their stand at farmers’ markets a long-time favorite with locals.

Rancho San Miguel Hills

Randy and Darla Kwiatkowski and their three children farm 20 acres. Their farm is a family affair. They grow asian pears concentrating on sustainable farm practices including cover crops, erosion control and hand weeding, picking and thinning.

Rocking Chair Farm

Jack Martin has lived on the family farm in the Central Valley for 75 years. The farm produces stone fruit, citrus, grapes and apples. In addition to selling at farmers market Jack runs his own packing and shipping operation.

Rocky Canyon Farms

Greg, Lisa, Colton, Casey and Carson are the family who run the 30 acre Rocky Canyon Farms in Atascadero. The kids have always helped out with the chores around the farm and at the farmers’ markets. They show in 4H and the family sells naturally raised beef and pork. They also sell eggs, eggplant, tomatoes, melons, watermelons, onions, apples and cucumbers. Chefs are always welcome!

Homestead Olive Ranch

Bob and Virginia Roos planted their first Mission Olive trees in 1998 at their 10 acre ranch on Homestead Road in Templeton. Asked why he planted olive trees, Bob says because everyone else was planting grapes, and besides, he loves olive oil. He enjoys olive oil on his toast with strawberry jam each morning.

Bob grows walnuts, garlic and sweet corn and sells them at the Atascadero market along with his Mission Olive Oil that has won awards at the Mid State Fair and the LA County Fair.

Phone: (805) 466-6561

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Velasquez Farms

Franciso Velazquez has been farming in Santa Maria for 40 years. Together with father and son, they plant 80 acres of fruits and vegetables. His specialty crops are in great demand by both customers and chefs.

BeeWench Farm

BeeWench Farm is owned and operated by Sarah, Ryan, and Sarah’s son Jacob.

Located in Shandon they regeneratively raise pastured chicken, pastured turkey and free range eggs. All animals are fed a non gmo, no corn, no soy feed and are never given routine antibiotics. Visit their website or chat with them at the market to learn more about what they do!

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